How we made that anvil...

We're not telling you where we found a 180lb fork lift tine.
Seriously, we're not telling. [Thanks, Thomas!!]

But it was obvious it was born to be an anvil. Look at the birthmark!

All we had to do was trim a little fat...

... and take a quick trip to the local welding shop to have it permanently affixed to a rail road plate. Welding costs: $25

Now its an anvil with 120 lbs of 5160 spring steel directly under the 3x5 working area, plus a horn and a half.

What happened to the rest?

We cut the foot in half and had it welded along the sides/face to make this smaller anvil. See above how it sits in a woden stand? The stand is too wide, but all the weight rests down on a vertical piece of 2x12.

50lb or so under a 3" square face with two horns. I cross drilled a prichel on one end, next to a rivet depression and rounded the other horn into an arch.

Once again, $25 for the welding shop. I did a deep bevel on the joint across the face and asked for hardfacing rod there. My welder isn't big enough to get good penetration, and $25 was less than I'd spend on the preheat and consumables. I ground the face to suit, then tried to flame harden. Both anvils just about THROW the hammer back, the bounce is GREAT. I'll do a bounce test as soon as I find my jar of 1" steel bearing balls.

Marco and Krieger
MKArmory Recycling Department

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