Gallery of Custom Work

Sutton Hoo Converted Rapier Helm

Windlass Steel Sutton Hoo Rapier Helm

Midrealm Kingdom Rapier Champion's Sword

High polish, custom pattern, faceted pommel, MKA 39" Rapier Blade

Double 5 Ring

Tempered spring steel hilt, double 5 ring pattern, Del-Tin Practice Sidesword

Type 41

Marco's personal rapier for years, burnt oil blackening, Del-Tin Practice Rapier

Custom Dagger

Made for one of Marco's students, Alchem SafetyFlex Dagger

Type 100 Cup Hilt

Half of a Husband/Wife set commissioned for Spanish Colonial re-enactors, this hilt has interchangeable Del-Tin Bated Rapier and TCA Double Wide Epee blades.

Type 101

The other half of a Husband/Wife set, this cup hilt is intricately acid-etched [below] with the owner's hand drawn motif and had interchangeable Sharp and Blunted TCA Double Wide Epee Blades.

Type 46

A sidesword with the owner's motto etched across one port ring, Del-Tin Bated Rapier

The Original Twig of Doom

A custom hilt that spawned a brief fad of tree branch motif hilts, with a Del-Tin Practice Rapier


Another in the Twig of Doom Series, this extremely light cup hilt is formed entirely of leaves and thin bark textured branches, with a TCA Double Wide Epee

Three Little Twigs

The end of the Twig of Doom series, these Ivy League hilts have matching leaf and vine patterns, and are pictured with Alchem SafetyFlex Daggers and a Hanwei Practical Rapier

Type 48

A simple, clean style in the design of this #48, with a Del-Tin Practice Rapier